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With Pixie Organic
Vegetable Powder


💪 Increase your kid's daily nutrition
🥘 Easy to mix with everyday foods
🥬 USDA organic whole food vegetables
🔥 Natural source of vitamins and nutrients
⚡️ Zero Prep. Zero Waste.
🧂 Bottled in glass with a shaker top

 Made in the USA 

Say buh-bye to mealtime negotiations and having to throw out those soggy vegetables.

100% Veggies. 0% Stress.

We make it easy to eat more vegetables!

How To Use

Don't worry about being exact. Some of you have sensitive eaters and others have kids who just need a veggie boost, so experiment!

Mix your organic veggie powder into your kid's favorite foods, such as mac n cheese, quesadillas, oatmeal, PB&J sandwich, pancakes, and more!

For picky eaters, start with a shake or two. For those less sensitive, work your way up with more shakes. Cooking a meal for the family? Add a scoop or two.

We recommend mixing With Pixie into food rather than sprinkling it on top.

It's best to pair Kale & Spinach with darker foods and Cauliflower & Mushroom with lighter foods. Unless, of course, you’re making Green Eggs and Ham!

Measure out 1 tsp to achieve exact serving size.

1 tsp Cauliflower & Mushroom = 1/3 cup of fresh veggies

1 tsp Kale & Spinach = 1 cup of fresh greens

Check out our Made With Pixie page for more inspiration and ideas for using With Pixie!

Made From Real Veggies

Yep, thats right. real. veggies.

Made With No Extra 💩 - we keep it clean with 2 organic ingredients per bottle. No GMOs, herbicides, pesticides, additives, or artificial anything, ever!

Made For You - parents who believe in the importance of healthy meals while busy juggling sports practices, piano recitals, spelling bees, homework and meltdowns. With Pixie has your back!

MADE WITH PIXIE - the veggie hack you wish you had yesterday.

Need more info?

Check out our most common questions here.

What is the main benefit of With Pixie?

Effortlessly add important organic vegetables that naturally contain vitamins and nutrients to your kid's foods without the hassle! Have peace of mind knowing your little one is now getting more nutrition.

What makes With Pixie different from other brands?

Our approach is straightforward: we believe in simple, certified organic vegetable powders. Some brands are ground-up vitamins; others consist of pea protein, binding agents, gums, and other additives. And while many brands claim "organic," With Pixie is the only for-your-food vegetable powder brand to hold both USDA Organic and Kosher certifications.

Is With Pixie just for kids or picky eaters?

With Pixie was created for all ages! Getting enough daily vegetable servings can be challenging, even for those who love veggies.

How often should I use With Pixie?

Dietary guidelines recommend eating veggies daily. So use With Pixie daily to increase your kid’s veggie intake.

Is there a scent or taste?

The powder itself has a scent and taste because these are real vegetables. When mixed into foods, the scent and taste will disappear depending on the food and dosage. If you sprinkle on food, the scent and taste will not disappear.

Is With Pixie free-from all of the major allergens?

Yes. With Pixie does not contain milk, soy, eggs, crustacean shellfish, fish, tree nuts, or wheat. Our manufacturing facility follows rigorous cleaning routines to eliminate cross-contamination risks, allowing us to qualify for our Kosher certification. Please consult your child's healthcare provider for specific advice on food allergies.

Is With Pixie right for me?

With Pixie is for those who believe that nutrition plays a vital role in their child and family's health and wellbeing.

How do I use With Pixie?

Your shaker top allows you to quickly mix veggies into your kid's favorite foods such as yogurt, sauces, smoothies, quesadillas, and more! Start with a shake or two and add more veggies depending on their sensitivity to vegetables.

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