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How to Use With Pixie

How do I use With Pixie?

Your shaker top allows you to quickly mix veggies into your kid's favorite foods such as yogurt, sauces, smoothies, quesadillas, and more! Start with a shake or two and add more veggies depending on their sensitivity to vegetables.

What is the best way to use With Pixie?

There are many fun and creative ways to add With Pixie to your existing meals and routine. For example, you can mix into soups, add to grilled cheese, stir into sauces, spreads, and dips, blend into your favorite smoothies and even add into your favorite baked goods (because who doesn’t want a healthier cookie?!) The best way to use With Pixie is with the foods your child loves. For more ideas, check out our inspo page - Made With Pixie.

What if my With Pixie clumps or hardens?

Don't worry. Your powder did not go bad! To keep our product clean and safe, we don't add any additives to prevent clumping. It's typical for vegetable powder to clump or harden if not used regularly. Give the bottom of the bottle a few taps on the counter, or use a utensil to mix the powder up. It will quickly return to it's fine powder form.

Is With Pixie just for kids or picky eaters?

With Pixie was created for all ages! Getting enough daily vegetable servings can be challenging, even for those who love veggies.

How often should I use With Pixie?

Dietary guidelines recommend eating veggies daily. So use With Pixie daily to increase your kid’s veggie intake.

What are the most common foods used With Pixie?

What we love about With Pixie is its versatility. You can use it with many
different foods. Some of our favorites are mixing it in pasta sauce or sloppy joes, scrambling it with eggs, mixing it between PB&J, stirring it in mac & cheese, blended into smoothies, and adding it to our favorite brownies. Check out our Made With Pixie page for more inspo!

How should I store my With Pixie?

Store in a cool, dry place where it is easily accessible.

Some common places are with your spices, next to your cooking oils, on the countertop, or in your pantry. Our bottle is UV protected, so you don't have to worry about light damaging the powder!

Does With Pixie have a scent or taste?

The powder itself has a scent and taste because these are real vegetables. When mixed into foods, the scent and taste will disappear depending on the food and dosage. If you sprinkle on food, the scent and taste will not disappear.

Is my child old enough for With Pixie?

We recommend ages 3 and up but can be used for kids and picky eaters of all ages!

Product Information

What makes With Pixie different from other brands?

Our approach is straightforward: we believe in simple, certified organic vegetable powders. Some brands are ground-up vitamins; others consist of pea protein, binding agents, gums, and other additives. And while many brands claim "organic," With Pixie is the only for-your-food vegetable powder brand to hold both USDA Organic and Kosher certifications.

How is With Pixie made?

With Pixie is made by taking fresh organic vegetables, air drying them, and grounding them into a fine powder.

What is With Pixie’s fresh equivalence?

One bottle of our Cauliflower & Mushroom powder = 7.5 cups of fresh veggies and 1 tsp = 1/3 cup of fresh veggies.

One bottle of our Kale & Spinach powder = 25 cups of fresh veggies and 1 tsp = 1 cup of fresh veggies.

Why does the Cauliflower & Mushroom fresh equivalency have 7.5 cups and Kale & Spinach have 25 cups?

Cauliflower is denser than leafy greens vegetables, so the weight of Cauliflower is much heavier. We're limited by how many ounces we can fill in each bottle - 2.1 oz.

What is With Pixie’s serving size?

1 Teaspoon.

1 tsp of our Cauliflower & Mushroom powder = 1/3 cup of fresh veggies.

1 tsp of our Kale & Spinach powder = 1 cup of fresh veggies.

Is With Pixie Non-GMO?

Yes. To receive our USDA Organic certification, we have to provide Non-GMO products.

Do you use desiccants?

No. We want to keep our products clean, natural and safe. Because we don't use desiccants,  your powder can clump when not in use. Don't worry. Your product did not go bad; tap the bottle on the counter a few times or use a utensil to return the powder to its orginal form.

Do you test your products?

Yes. With Pixie is tested thoroughly through third-party laboratories. Every single batch is tested twice. In addition to the testing performed on every batch, once a year we take that testing one step further and do an even more extensive product audit.

Is With Pixie free-from all the major allergens?

Yes. With Pixie does not contain milk, soy, eggs, crustacean shellfish, fish, tree nuts, or wheat. Our manufacturing facility follows rigorous cleaning routines to eliminate cross-contamination risks, allowing us to qualify for our Kosher certification. Please consult your child's healthcare provider for specific advice on food allergies.

Is With Pixie vegan?

Yep! Only fresh organic veggies made the cut. With Pixie does not contain any animal products. In fact, With Pixie has only 2 ingredients, the ones you see on the front of the bottle.

Is there any sugar or additives in With Pixie?

We are proud to offer our products as completely sugar and additive-free. All you’re getting is the good stuff.

Is With Pixie Whole-30 compliant?


Is With Pixie keto?


Where are your vegetables from?

Depending on the season and availability, your veggies come from Asia, Europe, and the USA. We require our vegetables to have USDA and Kosher certifications, limiting us to select farmers around the globe. All veggies are third-partied tested and made in the USA.

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